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This competition is an architectural design competition for the realization of the Gosan Library in Suseong-gu, Daegu Metropolitan City Library which is expected to start construction in 2013. The purpose of the competition is to seek a wide range of ideas from experts from both Korea and overseas along with student groups in order to build a sustainable public library that can accommodate the recent changes in various knowledge transmission media as well as changes in library user demographics. This is in keeping with Daegu Metropolitan City's new policy direction, which the city is aiming toward, of becoming a knowledge based economy from its past as a distribution based city. The client expect that it will develop the quality of the small-scale community for local residents who are based in the regional community of Daegu, and ultimately we hope that through this, prospective discussion on the nature of building local community public libraries in Korea will have the chance to grow.


The concept of our design is deeply rooted in the site, where the form of the building is affected by the various pedestrian and traffic flows of the neighborhood. Tasked with the duty to create a gate- way that could reflect various virtues of Korea, we set out to design the library… As stated in the competition brief, it is necessary for the library to be both a representation of the progressive technological aspect of Korea, as well as being in harmony with nature. Therefore, this frame would be a cost-efficient method to produce a form that is a contemporary landmark of technology, as well as being porous enough to allow nature to tap into the inhabitants of the building. Rather than creating a definite barrier separating the interior library and the exterior site, we let the building embrace the site in the form of an exterior frame. From this, an intermediate space was created, allowing for visitors to experience a transition while entering and exiting the building. At the same time, this also creates opportunities for special moments in which the interior can poke out of the building, occupying this intermediate space, and experience the site. ¬The corners are lifted to open the frame at specific places, conducting the flow of visitors and pedestrians through the frame.


The facades of the building is tilted inwards towards the top on the Northern and Eastern sides, this provides an angle that has better solar exposure on orientations with generally weaker sunlight. The frames on the Southern and Western sides are closer to the building facades, which acts as solar shading. The entrance of the library is located on the Eastern side of the building, where it is in close proximity of the 40 meter street and the 10 meter road. The North side with the frame extends towards the park, enveloping existing trees on the site into the courtyard space. The Western side is where the entrance for the library staff is located; also, in respecting the commercial buildings across the street, there is no space between the building and the frame. The Southern side of the building is where the outdoor parking lot is located, allowing both visitors and staff to reach their respective entrances in equal distance. This project seek to be creative within the realm of being realistic and cost efficient, while at the same time, meeting all the expectations of the competition.


Type: Competition entry

Date: September 2012

Location: Suseong-gu, Daegu, South Korea

Project Team: Louis(Yi) Liu, Naiji Jiao, Xiru Chen