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Every one is king Competition


Type: Competition  |   Date: 2018 |   Location: Toronto  |   Project Team:Xiru Chen, Louis(Yi) Liu, Naiji Jiao


While Canada has long been recognized as a multicultural country, Toronto is named as the most diverse city in the world, recognizing it as  one of the most livable cities in the world. This project was designed with it being the embodiment of the Canadian spirit that embraces the unique identities of every culture around the world. The Canadian spirit, in this case, is made up of the word “welcome” written in 80 of the most spoken languages in Canada, that are then engraved onto polyethylene blocks. Like a large puzzle, when the blocks are pieced together, a large waving Canadian flag appears.


Being the national color of Canada, red was chosen as the dominant design color, where the bright color serves as an eye catcher that energizes the street. As a result, red polyethylene would be used to build the puzzle blocks, where one of the surfaces would be CNC milled to form a wave. All the blocks would be prefabricated in the factory and shipped onto the site without disturbance to the street. Adjacent to Market Lane Park and St. James Park, Site 19 is chosen as a preferred location, as the design would certainly become an extension to this lively location that frequents in musical, movie, food and many celebratory events. After the project period, this installation can be re-located to many other spots within the city.

32 weight-proper polyurethane blocks

are built for people to push around and

interact with, without the risk of being

easily toppled over. Corners and edges

will be polished to provide a smooth

and round finish so that it’s safe for kid

and pedestrian handling.

These puzzle pieces encourage public interaction, where after finding their own language, people could work together to piece the maple leaf

flag. Aside from being a place for selfies, the blocks also function as urban furniture such as stools, or when placed along the perimeter of the

site, frame a flexible area for outdoor tables and chairs, as well as a venue for street performances, pop-up stores, food vendors, etc.


              Puzzle Game                                                                                                         Stools                                                                                                                                Bollards